Our Human Resources Policies are based on our wish to become preferred employer that of job satisfaction and professional development.

Epsilon is conscious that our successful results over the years are at due to a high degree of employee satisfaction and loyalty. With that in mind, our priority is thus to design our HR policies based on our future needs. With these basic principles, our Human Resources Policies are:

- Show respect and value for every single employee without any prejudice.
- Be in conformity with all Labor Law regulations, act according to ethical and professional standards.
- Place the "Team Spirit" and "Transparency" values at the forefront of the HR operational procedures.
- Develop objective based effective management systems and reward innovative attitudes to increase performance and innovation capacity of the employees thus maximizing motivation, loyalty and sense of belonging.
- Give precedence to internal resources to fill open positions within the Company and select the most qualified candidate when an outside recruitment is necessary.
- Ensure the continuous development of our workforce by implementing the best training programs tailored to

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