About us

About Epsilon

Epsilon Aerospace and Defense Industries Ltd. Company is a Small and Medium sized Enterprise (SME) which was established in June 1999 in compliance with the Turkish Commercial Code. The shareholders of the companiy is composed by Turkish partners/entities.
Epsilon Factory is located in Ostim Industrial Zone, Ankara. The company is a member of OSSA Organization Ostim Defense and Aviation Companies grouped by a cluster by the directive of Under secretariat of Turkish Defense Industry.

The core business of Epsilon realized hitherto is to produce military and commercial parts and the related fabrication tools and utilities for the components of fixed wing aircraft, helicopter, tank, sea vessel, submarine, automotive, satellites composite consoles, main frames and spare parts mainly by prepreg and vacuum assisted wet lay-up composite manufacturing methods for the customers both in Turkish and foreign markets.

Manufacturing of parts and components are realized built to print or designed per customer’s requirements within a shot period of time by the use of three dimensional CAD and CNC equipment and facilities.

Quality Management System of Epsilon is certified by ISO9001:2008.

Epsilon’s major mission is to cover the gap of the need of qualified subcontractors in composite parts manufacturing field in defense and aviation sector and to become a prime contracting entity in parallel with the tangible tailored growth plan.

Our Team

Epsilon is a well established aerospace and defense company with over 60 team members, as of October 2010. Most of the key personnel are Ex-TAI employees where they had been trained at and certified by Lockheed-Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems (LMTAS) - United States of America, EADS-CASA - Spain, Eurocopter - France, Eurocopter - Deutschland, EADS - Deutschland and BOEING - USA in the advanced technology composite part manufacturing domain. The company with its new and expanded organization approach shall also provide orientation, classroom and on the job training (OJT) and certification services to the employees.